An open letter to my friends-

Dear Friend:

With the beginning of the year among us, I am sure you are starting to receive your W2s. I want to stop you really quick. Before you head out to HR Block, or download a copy of turbo tax I want you to hear me out. This year I want to challenge you to consult a professional –

Marjorie L McPike, CPA is passionate about what she does and she likes to see people succeed. She is available not only during tax time, but throughout the year to answer questions or review your withholding and financial transactions to ensure you are not surprised at the end of the year. Additionally, she will prepare past year returns and help solve tax problems.

She has helped many people to get on the right foot financially and with the tax authorities. You really don’t want to get on the bad side of the IRS or FTB.

We realize that many people prepare their own returns for free, that’s fine. However, if you are paying anyone to prepare your returns, even if you pay Turbo Tax, we would like the opportunity to work with you. As a way to show the benefit of working with a professional and having someone help you to provide guidance in the area of taxes, pay us what you would pay them and we will prepare your return. Our goal is to help you with your financial success. Please email me so we can schedule a meeting. Lastly, if you know anyone who could use our services, all referrals are appreciated.

Very truly yours,

Marjorie L McPike, CPA
Charles L Oglesby, III

MLM: 951-805-5633
CLO: 213-590-8633

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